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Personal injuries refer to any physical or mental injuries that you sustain from an accident caused by the recklessness or negligence of another party. As the victim, Florida law allows you to recover compensation for damages, such as hospital expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and a few other losses, through an insurance claim, settlement, or lawsuit. Making your claim or litigating a lawsuit can be a tough and complicated process, but you can hire a Pensacola personal injury lawyer to assist you recover the losses you incurred due to the injuries you sustained in the accident.

There are numerous personal injury claims, including those arising from accidents in public spaces or at work, car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, slips and falls, defective product claims, medical malpractice, wrongful death,  industrial disease claims, and even foreign jurisdiction accidents. Within each of these categories, injuries vary widely, from sprains and whiplash injuries to tragic limb loss, life-changing spinal and brain injuries, or fatalities.

Injured parties can only make personal injury claims if the injury is brought about by another party, whereby the defendant individual or company is considered to be at-fault if the accident or injury was caused by their negligence or violation of duty. Negligence is any conduct that is below a standard that a reasonably rational individual would exercise in the same circumstances. Road traffic injuries are the most common type of personal injury claims, many of which are attributed to driver distraction by cell phones and other electronic gadgets.

Work-related injuries, which include workers’ compensation and workplace injury cases, are also quite common in Florida. These cases are usually caused by a negligent co-worker, employee, supervisor, or other party in the workplace. Work injuries can also be brought about by operating dangerous machinery, lifting heavy objects, trips and slips, or falls from heights, like in the construction industry. Employees can also acquire diseases or conditions at the workplace due to prolonged exposure to hazardous materials. Such cases include dermatitis, chemical poisoning, industrial deafness, and asbestos related illnesses, like asbestosis, mesothelioma, and pleural thickening.

Personal injuries can also arise from clinical negligence, like surgical errors, misdiagnosis, and birth injuries, or the use of dangerous products, like cosmetics that burn the skin or power tools that malfunction and injure the user.

In most of these cases, your Pensacola personal injury attorney will assist you to obtain fair compensation for damages, which is a monetary figure that seeks to reimburse for consequences of the accidents, like medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. Other compensatory damages that you may recover include pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment, and loss of consortium.

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